Commit d790f4d4 authored by Cédric Ware's avatar Cédric Ware
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Fix typo/bug in make-release script.

Create version 0.8.1.
parent 7be35589
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ while (<>) {
# If working copy was previously in a clean state, check whether it still is.
# In which case everything is already up to date.
if ($c) {
my ($v, $d, $c) = get_version_from_git();
my ($v, $c) = get_version_from_git();
if ($c) {
say STDERR "Everything already up to date.";
exit 0;
\ProvidesPackage{beamerthemetptnew}[2020/06/01 v0.8.0]
\ProvidesPackage{beamerthemetptnew}[2020/06/01 v0.8.1]
% Utilisation de pgfkeys/pgfopts pour la gestion des options,
% et définition de raccourcis.
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