Commit dfc35f2b authored by Tarik Graba's avatar Tarik Graba 😷
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Replace -- by \textendash for subsubitems

When using Lualatex, -- is replaced by en-dash only if the text-tex
mapping is enabled for a certain font (see fontspec) whereas the
\textendash is guaranteed to work in all font encodings/tools
parent fad8229b
......@@ -801,7 +801,7 @@
\raise0.2ex\hbox{\vrule width 1ex height 1ex}%
\defbeamertemplate*{itemize subitem}{tpt}{\textbullet}
\defbeamertemplate*{itemize subsubitem}{tpt}{--}
\defbeamertemplate*{itemize subsubitem}{tpt}{\textendash}
% \bodyframecount : nº du dernier frame hors annexe.
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