Commit 3d648d70 authored by Ludovic Apvrille's avatar Ludovic Apvrille

Update on Mafile and README

parent 5ea619af
......@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ $(ADVANCED_RELEASE:.tgz=.tar): $(STDRELEASE:.tgz=.tar) documentation
@cp -r $(WEBCRAWLER_CLIENT_DIR)/src/main/java/* $(TTOOL_TARGET)/src
@cp -r $(WEBCRAWLER_SERVER_DIR)/src/main/java/* $(TTOOL_TARGET)/src
@find $(TTOOL_TARGET)/src -type f -not \( -name '*.java' -o -name '*.gif' -o -name '*.jjt' -o -name '*.txt' \) -a -exec rm -f {} \;
@$(TAR) uf $@ -C $(TTOOL_TARGET_RELEASE) TTool/doc/srcdoc TTool/src
TTool, an open-source UML toolkit for modeling emebedded systems and procotols.
TTool is developed at ENST,
TTool is developed at ENST,
The src directory contains all Java sources and images used to generate the jar archive of TTool, and of the launcher.
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