Commit 8be79d99 authored by Ludovic Apvrille's avatar Ludovic Apvrille

Updating tguiaction text for formal verification

parent fe5af940
......@@ -735,7 +735,7 @@ public class TGUIAction extends AbstractAction {
actions[ACT_ONECLICK_RTLOTOS_RG] = new TAction("gen_rgrtlotos-command", "Generate RT-LOTOS-based RG", IconManager.imgic342, IconManager.imgic342, "Generate RT-LOTOS-based RG ", "Generates an RT-LOTOS-based RG from TTool diagrams", '0');
// Issue #35: Renamed action name to be closer to actual functionality
actions[ACT_GEN_UPPAAL] = new TAction("gen_uppaal-command", "Formal Verification with UPPAAL", IconManager.imgic86, IconManager.imgic86, "Formal Verification with UPPAAL", "Formal verification of TTool diagrams with UPPAAL", '0');
actions[ACT_GEN_UPPAAL] = new TAction("gen_uppaal-command", "Safety Verification (UPPAAL)", IconManager.imgic86, IconManager.imgic86, "Safety Verification (UPPAAL)", "Formal safety verification of TTool diagrams with UPPAAL", '0');
actions[ACT_AVATAR_MODEL_CHECKER] = new TAction("avatar-model-checker", "Avatar model checker", IconManager.imgic140, IconManager.imgic140, "Avatar model checker", "Executes the AVATAR model checker from an AVATAR design", '0');
actions[ACT_GEN_JAVA] = new TAction("gen_java-command", "Generate JAVA", IconManager.imgic38, IconManager.imgic39, "Generate JAVA", "Generates Java code from TURTLE diagrams", 0);
......@@ -772,7 +772,7 @@ public class TGUIAction extends AbstractAction {
actions[ACT_AVATAR_SIM] = new TAction("avatar-simu", "Interactive simulation", IconManager.imgic18, IconManager.imgic18, "Interactive simulation", "Interactive simulation of the AVATAR design under edition", '2');
actions[ACT_AVATAR_FV_UPPAAL] = new TAction("avatar-formal-verification-uppaal", "Safety formal verification with UPPAAL (Safety)", IconManager.imgic86, IconManager.imgic86, "Formal verification with UPPAAL (Safety)", "Formal verification with UPPAAL (Safety) of the AVATAR design under edition", '3');
actions[ACT_AVATAR_FV_PROVERIF] = new TAction("avatar-formal-verification-proverif", "Security verification", IconManager.imgic88, IconManager.imgic88, "Security verification", "Security formal verification (with ProVerif)", '4');
actions[ACT_AVATAR_FV_PROVERIF] = new TAction("avatar-formal-verification-proverif", "Security verification (ProVerif)", IconManager.imgic88, IconManager.imgic88, "Security verification (ProVerif)", "Security formal verification (with ProVerif)", '4');
actions[ACT_AVATAR_FV_STATICANALYSIS] = new TAction("avatar-formal-verification-staticanalysis", "Safety analysis (invariants)", IconManager.imgic96, IconManager.imgic96, "Safaty analysis (invariants)", "Safety analysis using the invariant tecnique", '5');
actions[ACT_AVATAR_EXECUTABLE_GENERATION] = new TAction("avatar-executable-generation", "Code generation" , IconManager.imgic94, IconManager.imgic94, "Code generation", "Generation of C-POSIX executable code from AVATAR design under edition", '6');
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