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adding documentation and cleaning up SystemC-AMS generation

parent 1fa6d374
The files can be compiled by using the generated Makefile
in standalone mode, without SoCLib cross-compilation, if no GPIO2VCI
component or code running on the SoCLib digital platform is required
A SystemC-AMS proof-of-concept(2.1) is provided in
In the Virtual Machine, the authors kindly accepted that we
provide the PoC
TTool, an open-source UML toolkit for modeling embedded systems and procotols.
TTool is developed at Telecom ParisTech,
The SysCAMSGenerationCode and ELNGenerationCode directories are intended to store the SystemC-AMS (TDF and DE) and SystemC-AMS (ELN) files generated from TTool. The former can be uses in standalone mode with SystemC-AMS 2.1 available from
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