Commit fe36eec1 authored by Rakshit Mittal's avatar Rakshit Mittal
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added mode inheritance property

parent 26889673
package fr.mem4csd.osatedim.viatra.preference;
public class DIMPreferences {
private final boolean inheritProperty, deleteClassifier;
private final boolean inheritProperty, inheritMode, deleteClassifier;
private final String extendClassifier;
public DIMPreferences(boolean inheritProperty, boolean deleteClassifier, String extendClassifier) {
public DIMPreferences(boolean inheritProperty, boolean inheritMode, boolean deleteClassifier, String extendClassifier) {
this.deleteClassifier = deleteClassifier;
this.inheritMode = inheritMode;
this.inheritProperty = inheritProperty;
this.extendClassifier = extendClassifier;
......@@ -13,6 +14,10 @@ public class DIMPreferences {
public boolean isInheritProperty() {
return inheritProperty;
public boolean isInheritMode() {
return inheritMode;
public boolean isDeleteClassifier() {
return deleteClassifier;
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