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Add more functions to Timeline diagram and fix issue #182 DIPLODOCUS simulator gives an energy info

Le Van Truong requested to merge revert-883077ef into master

In this merge request, I added:

  • When data are updated, the timeline diagram scrolls to the top left position.
  • Show the state of the simulator at the bottom of the window (toolbar status).
  • Reduce huge blank part at the end of the diagram: change the length of time axis from 1000 to 500.
  • Zoom / unzoom implemented with various options: 50%, 75%, 125%, 150% ...
  • It would be great if when clicking on a element of the timeline you could open the corresponding operator in activity diagram. Also, when passing the mouse pointer over a CPU, you could show a window showing average load, state, etc. Same for tasks: you could show variables values, etc. => Done
  • Remove energy information.
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