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FPGA Rescheduling

Le Van Truong requested to merge revert-883077ef into master

In this commit I have done:

  • Fix FPGA scheduling: One can map several tasks on a FPGA. We can execute all these tasks together, or execute groups of tasks one after the other. For instance, if we map T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 on the FPGA, a user can specify T1 T2 ; T3 ; T4 T5 which means than T1 and T2 are first executed until they terminate. Then T3. Then T4 and T5. User can put the scheduling in any order.
  • Remove redundant white space between FPGA and displayed tasks at first.
  • Add tests for rescheduling of FPGA.
  • I have an idea about scaling the timeline diagram: I will divide the length of each transactions to a predefined factor so the scale between each transactions remain the same. I will try to submit it on the next merger request.

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