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Issue #313: Add option to display the trace in a selected duration

Le Van Truong requested to merge revert-883077ef into master

Hello Prof, In this commit I have completed:

  • Add option to allow user to display the timeline diagram in a selected duration:
  • image
  • To enable this option, user should click on Select StartTime and EndTime check box, and then specify the start time and end time value.
  • If start time and end time value are not specified or in wrong format, the timeline diagram automatically displays transactions from 0 to 10.000.000. It makes sure that almost current models still display the full diagram from beginning till ending, and the models with more than 10.000.000 transactions will only display first 10.000.000, and if user want to show more, they need to enable this option and redefine the max end time.
  • Notice: if user selects 500 for start and 600 for end time, the timeline displays only the transactions with start time and end time belong to this duration, therefore some transactions such as start from 450 to 600 or 550 to 650 will not appear.
  • Modify TimeLineDiagram test.
  • I have run all the tests both on my PC and Cadillac server and everything work well.
  • Because I will on vacation from next week, so if you accept this merger request, please tell me if it works or not, and then I will try to complete it on my last working day. image

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