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AI Pipelines and AT Drawing Functionality

Alan Birchler De Allende requested to merge alan_attack_tree_gen into master

The two AI pipelines, one using just ChatGPT and the other using ChatGPT and the CAPEC tracer model, have been finished and are ready for testing. In addition, the functionality to draw attack tree diagrams from the AI responses have been integrated as well. Note that for the second pipeline, a CAPEC attack pattern listed from the traced CAPECs list needs to be provided after the system specifications, separated by an empty line return.

In addition, while the functionality to draw attack tree diagrams mostly works, there are some issues with it that need to be addressed:

  • The drawing does not indicate which attack node is the root attack.
  • The operation nodes do not have their type listed on the node.
  • The attack nodes do not have the descriptions included in them that ChatGPT provided.

Below is a screenshot demonstrating an example drawing: Screenshot_from_2024-04-09_14-10-21

Let me know if there are any questions or concerns with these new updates and if any help is needed with fixing the drawing issues listed above.

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