Commit e061762e authored by Cédric Ware's avatar Cédric Ware
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Temporarily exclude poster .sty from releases.

Create v0.8.
parent 861cc18b
......@@ -74,5 +74,7 @@ $(TOP_NAME)-slide2.tex : $(TOP_NAME).tex
# Usage: make release V=-v<x>.<y>.<z>. If V is not given,
# it will be calculated from the latest version-like tag
# (and incremented unless working copy is clean and at the tag).
# FIXME temporary: ignore poster .sty in $(STYS) until it is updated.
perl -i.orig $(RELEASE_SCRIPT) $(V) $(STYS) $(TOP_NAME).tex
perl -i.orig $(RELEASE_SCRIPT) $(V) $(filter-out %poster.sty, $(STYS)) $(TOP_NAME).tex
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@
\author{Graba Tarik}
\institute{Une école de l'IMT}
% Logo additionnel sur la page de titre (pour une conf ou un évènement).
\ProvidesPackage{beamerthemetptnew}[2020/06/01 v0.8]
% Utilisation de pgfkeys/pgfopts pour la gestion des options,
% et définition de raccourcis.
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