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How to start TTool from the git

parent 6a0f53ea
# Ensure you are up to date with the git
$ git pull
# Install jdk8(or more recent) and gradle > 3.3
# The use of opendk is NOT recommended
# To know which version of Java compiler you have, do as follows:
$ javac --version
# Then, you can compile TTool
$ make all&&make install
#To avoid running all the tests and compiling only TTool, ytou may try:
$ make ttoolnotests&&make install
#To start TTool, this is recommended to use your own version of ttool.exe and config.xml
$ cp ttool.exe myttool.exe
$ cp bin/config.xml bin/myconfig.xml
#edit myttool.exe and replace config.xml with myconfig.xml
#start TTool
$ ./myttool.exe
\ No newline at end of file
SRCS = generated_src/main.c generated_src/AlarmActuator.c generated_src/PressureSensor.c generated_src/PressureController.c generated_src/AlarmManager.c generated_src/MainController.c generated_src/Timer__alarmTimer__AlarmManager.c
\ No newline at end of file
SRCS = generated_src/main.c generated_src/Observer_CanAPilotBeSureToEnterTheCockpit.c generated_src/RegulationManagement.c generated_src/Observer_OnlyPassengersInCockpit.c generated_src/Observer_NoPilotInCockpit.c generated_src/DisplayOfLockbutton.c generated_src/CodePad.c generated_src/LightDisplay.c generated_src/MainDoorController.c generated_src/PeopleManagement.c generated_src/Door.c generated_src/LockButton.c generated_src/Alarm.c generated_src/Buzzer.c
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -68,4 +68,7 @@
<ProVerifHash data="1427594573"/>
<LastOpenFile data="../modeling/AVATAR/MicroWaveOven_SafetySecurity_fullMethodo.xml" />
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