Commit aaa213b2 authored by apvrille's avatar apvrille
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Resolving bug on transformation between avatar graphical guard and textual guards

parent 2a691112
......@@ -1574,9 +1574,9 @@ public class AvatarDesignPanelTranslator {
final AvatarSMDConnector connector) {
final AvatarStateMachineOwner block = transition.getBlock();
final String guardStr = modifyString(connector.getEffectiveGuard());
TraceManager.addDev("Effective guard:" + guardStr);
//TraceManager.addDev("Effective guard:" + guardStr);
final AvatarGuard guard = AvatarGuard.createFromString(block, guardStr);
TraceManager.addDev("Avatarguard:" + guard);
//TraceManager.addDev("Avatarguard:" + guard);
final int error;
if (guard.isElseGuard()) {
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